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56th edition | 08 April 2024
Interior wall

Radiant elegance
MAGNA Glaskeramik
as a translucent partition wall solution

Dear partners, dear customers,

We are pleased to give you an exclusive insight into an impressive project! In the new office of Architektur Freidenker in Wittichenau, Bautzen district, our MAGNA Glaskeramik walls shine in a refreshing Jade Green colour with an attractive double-sided polish.
These free-standing partition walls are not only visually appealing, but also stand for sustainable construction. Thanks to the use of high-quality recycled glass and a well thought-out construction with 2-layer aerated concrete masonry and a reinforced concrete floor slab and ceiling, the building fulfils the highest standards in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

MGK Jade Partition wall
MGK Jade Partition wall

We cordially invite you to discover these fascinating MAGNA Glaskeramik walls in person and be inspired by their unique beauty and environmentally conscious design:

Atelier Architekturfreidenker - Maukendorf am Wald 25 - D-02997 Wittichenau

MGK Jade Partition wall

Neocube-o outdoor fireplace
from CB-tec

Neocube MGK

From 18 February to 2 March 2024, trade visitors flocked to the Progetto Fuoco trade fair in Verona to discover the latest trends and innovations in the field of stoves and fireplaces. In this context, our partner CB-tec proudly presented the Neocube®-o outdoor fireplace - in the fascinating version clad with high-quality MAGNA Glaskeramik: The Neocube Glaskeramik Edition.

The unique, pure and slightly raised haptic surface of the MAGNA Glaskeramik, especially in the extraordinary Stormy Grey version, captivated visitors with its timeless charm. This exclusive edition of the Neocube®-o outdoor fireplace not only embodies elegance and style, but also the highest quality and durability.

We are proud that our MAGNA Glaskeramik is helping to bring innovative designs such as the Neocube®-o outdoor fireplace to life while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Your MAGNA Glaskeramik Team

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