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55th edition | 22 Januar 2024
No Blue Monday

Dear partners, dear customers,

Today is not Blue Monday!
Today we manage to turn Monday into a day of motivation and productivity, when we face new challenges with confidence.

The fascinating world of Glaskeramik Ocean Blue opens up a multitude of creative possibilities for design and aesthetics. The combination of modern design and the timeless beauty of the blue of the ocean makes MAGNA Glaskeramik Ocean Blue an inspiring choice for architects, designers and anyone looking for a unique way to design their spaces.

MGK counters

Project: Counter Night Club "The Star"
Material: Ocean Blue pure, backlit
Architect: Popup Bau, Herford | Photo: Martin Stöver

Design objects
Furniture design
Student graduation project with table top made of Raindrop Clear and table base made of curved Ocean Blue. 

noon dining table
Katja Grahl, 2023
Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 75 cm 
Photo: Klara Stangl, 2023

The versatility of Ocean Blue is also evident in furniture design. Decorative elements made from this material create strong accents.
MGK kitchen
MGK kitchen

The applications for MAGNA Glaskeramik Ocean Blue are almost limitless. In the kitchen, this innovative material can be used as a worktop for a modern and luxurious aesthetic.

Recycling Evolution Original

Recycling Evolution

What happens when Glaskeramik is broken and remanufactured several times?
We were once interested in what MAGNA Glaskeramik looks like in the recycling cycle. We broke an Ocean Blue panel and made a new panel from the broken pieces. This experiment was repeated twice more. Here is the interesting result in 3 stages.
Recycling Evolution Stage1

Recycling Evolution Stage 1

The original MAGNA Glaskeramik was broken and then successfully melted down again.
Recycling Evolution Stage 2

Recycling Evolution Stage 2

The process was repeated. The broken fragments were collected again and melted down in order to reconstruct the MAGNA Glaskeramik once more and preserve its integrity.
Recycling Evoltution Stage 3

Recycling Evolution Stage 3

After this phase, the process was repeated. It should be noted that the MAGNA Glaskeramik has become visibly lighter after each repetition, as the ceramic content has increased due to the patented furnace process.
Let's leave Blue Monday behind us together and look forward with optimism to what the coming days have in store for us. 
In today's issue, we have tried to give you a little joy and inspiration to help you get the week off to a good start.

With a smile on your face and best wishes

Your MAGNA Glaskeramik Team

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