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53rd edition | 16 October 2023
Zahnraztpraxis Berlin
Taylor Hess and Noah Hutton, Guts, documentary on the CLEAR Lab, with Rick Chavolla, and Max Liboiron, 2019.
Floor made of MAGNA Glaskeramik Stormy Grey
Exhibition view Frankfurter Kunstverein 2023
Photo: Moritz Bernoully, ©Frankfurter Kunstverein

Der Frankfurter Kunstverein presents:
Bending the Curve – K
nowledge, Action, [Care] for Biodiversity

From 13.10.2023 - 03.03.2024, the Frankfurter Kunstverein opens its doors for the exhibition "Bending the Curve - Knowing, Acting, Caring for Biodiversity". In an interdisciplinary approach, art and science are united to address the declining biodiversity and to show solutions to strengthen it.
International artists present innovative works that address biodiversity, while scientific contributions showcase Big Data models, virtual reality and research findings.
The exhibition emphasises the need for a shift in thinking and action towards regenerative art and an increased focus on nature to restore and preserve the environment.

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Bending the curve of Biodiversity Loss

The FKV exhibition is based on the project "Bending the Curve of Biodiversity Loss", which is an international call for socio-ecological transformation and calls on civil society, politics and business to act.

MAGNA Glaskeramik in an artistic room installation

The transformation from knowledge to action is represented by a selection of young companies that are setting themselves up for innovative business in the areas of new materials. The focus is on recycling, urban mining and the use of naturally renewable and degradable raw materials.

The floor of the room installation, in which filmmakers Noah Hutton and Taylor Hess show their documentary about the CLEAR Lab, was laid out with 35 quarter panels of MAGNA Glaskeramik Stormy Grey on stilts. These panels are underlit and transform this space into a work of art by their radiance alone.

Stormy Grey
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Stormy Grey -
Sustainability meets design

Made from the broken glass and surplus of specially coated solar panels.
After its journey through art and architecture, MAGNA Glaskeramik can seamlessly return to the production cycle without leaving a mark.

Become part of a moving story that you write yourself. All information about MGK @ Bending the Curve can be found here.

35 limited edition showpieces
in Stormy Grey polished for sale

For all those who are ready to be not just spectators, but creators of a sustainable and creative future!
Get your own artwork from this unique exhibition and support art and sustainability in perfection!

Order your unique copy directly from this exhibition via the purchase contract here!

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