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52nd edition | September 05, 2023
Dental practice Berlin

Hygiene in capital letters
MAGNA Glaskeramik as equipment in the healthcare sector

Dear partners, dear customers,

in an effort to promote sustainability and environmental awareness, the healthcare industry has also considered innovative solutions. An outstanding example of this is the introduction of our recyclable MAGNA Glaskeramik surface. It combines modern aesthetics with environmental responsibility and offers a range of benefits for medical facilities such as hospitals, doctors' offices and pharmacies. Where hygiene is key, MAGNA Glaskeramik provides a smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs.

The greatest advantage of these surfaces is their ability to be recycled and returned to the production process at the end of their life cycle. This closes the loop and significantly reduces the need for landfills and waste disposal.

Dental practice Berlin
Dental practice

The dental practice in Berlin, inspired by Cradle to Cradle (c2c), focuses on sustainability and circular economy. Here, Urselmann Interior preserved many existing elements and used certified or recyclable materials.

A prominent feature of this project is the treatment lines and vanities, which were refurbished with MAGNA Glaskeramik surfaces. These surfaces not only meet the highest hygienic standards, but also meet aesthetic requirements.  

For a visual impression of the project, we invite you to view Magdalena Gruber's photos on Instagram at @magdalenarusalkagruber.
MAGNA Glaskeramik - Color selection

Pharmacy furnishings

The integration of MAGNA Glaskeramik in pharmacies goes far beyond aesthetic appeal. It not only emphasizes a focus on modern design, but also places great emphasis on creating a hygienic and functional environment. From the appealing presentation of products to the creation of an inviting ambiance, MAGNA Glaskeramik offers a durable and resistant solution that fully meets the specific requirements of the pharmacy industry.

An outstanding example is the Feilitzsch pharmacy in Munich, realized in cooperation with the architectural firm RAM München and executed by Rosskopf + Partner AG. Here, our material is used in the Polar White pure variant and is backlit by LEDs to create an inviting atmosphere.


Reception counter dental practice, oral surgery

Project: Joint practice Dr. Höckl | Dr. Miehe, Bad Krozingen

Today we would like to give you an inspiring insight into the world of interior design in a modern dental practice. The focus is on our MAGNA Glaskeramik in Polar White with its pure surface, which was used here as a reception desk.  

This remarkable reception counter was designed by the renowned interior designers Herzog, Kassel + Partner and implemented by the fabricator Dinger Stone from our own production. The unconventional trapezoidal design immediately catches the eye and was created by the clever choice of angles on the edges of our material.  The Polar White color gives the reception area an aura of cleanliness and warmly invites patients in.

Reception counter

We are proud to be part of these impressive projects and look forward to providing further exciting insights into the many applications of our material. If you have any further questions or are interested in detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Your MAGNA Glaskeramik Team

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