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51st edition | August 01, 2023
Fountain Citti Lübeck

Pure summer feeling
Refreshment at the fountain at home
or cocktails at the bar on Mallorca

Dear partners, dear customers,

no matter where you spend your vacations this year, whether in Germany or on Mallorca - enjoy your free time and make the most of it!

During a shopping tour in Lübeck, for example, you could refresh yourself directly at our MAGNA Glaskeramik fountain in the CITTI-PARK shopping world (BDS Architects, E.C. Walther Springbrunnenbau, Hamburg). The fountain made of Forest Green polished is a cooling stop in the shopping center and invites to a little rest. It has numerous small fountains and is cleverly illuminated by LEDs.
The basis of the Forest Green color is recycled green bottle glass, mostly from beer bottles.

Fountain Citti Lübeck
Fountain Citti Lübeck

For those who long for sun, beach and sea on vacation, Mallorca is a popular destination. Lively bars and clubs invite you to party and relax. The maritime flair of this bar in the 4* beach hotel Iberostar in Bahía de Palma is underlined by the backlit counter from MAGNA Glaskeramik in Ocean Blue, which sets the scene perfectly (designer: Víctor Ruiz). The turquoise waters of the sea are reflected in a refreshing way in the Ocean Blue color of the MAGNA Glaskeramik counter.

Bar Ocean Blue

This extraordinary bar not only invites you to linger during the day, but also shines in the nightlife of Mallorca in a very special light. LEDs mounted behind the glass front are responsible for this. Ocean Blue is produced from the shards of recycled blue mineral water bottles.

Bar Ocean Blue
Bar Ocean Blue

As an inspiration for your projects, you can find more reference objects for tables and counters made of MAGNA Glaskeramik here:

Webseite MAGNA Glaskeramik - Projects counters
Feel free to show us where you happened to come across objects made of MAGNA Glaskeramik during your vacation. We look forward to your contributions and also publish them on our Instagram account.

Wherever you spend your vacations - we wish you lots of rest and relaxation and those very special vacation moments that you can tell about for a long time to come.

Your MAGNA Glaskeramik Team

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