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47th edition | March 27, 2023
A Day´s March Opening soon
Ocean Blue

Store equipment for A Day´s March
Store Design with MAGNA Glaskeramik

Dear partners, dear customers,

our valued partner, Hallindens Granit, has taken over the store fitting and merchandise presentation in the new store of A Day's March in Stockholm. The store opened on March 10 and impressively showcases our translucent and unique MAGNA Glaskeramik in Jade Green, Ocean Blue and Polar White polished.

As one of the leading fashion brands in Sweden, A Day's March has set a new benchmark in store design and merchandise presentation. Our partners at Hallindens Granit have used their skills and expertise to create the store décor and merchandise presentation using our MAGNA Glaskeramik. The result is an impressive shopping experience that delights customers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners at Hallindens Granit, whose outstanding work made a significant contribution to this project. It is great to see how our products help to realize our customers' vision and create a unique shopping environment.

We invite you to visit A Day's March's new store at Åsögatan 126, Stockholm and see for yourself the beauty and quality of our MAGNA Glaskeramik.

Your MAGNA Glaskeramik-Team

Jade Green
Polar White
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